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In the winter of 2006 four friends from the 2nd City Chorus formed their first quartet. Seven years later and several contest's later, they found themselves as one of the top ten quartets in the Illinois District. 2nd Opinion entertains throughout the stateline area.

Lead- Chris Weber
Chris comes back to 2nd Opinion as our Lead singer, while he competes on the International stage with Velvet Hammer. Chris began as a tenor when he started singing barberhop. He has since then become one of the most talented leads in the Illinois District.

Tenor- Dave Merrill
Dave started singing at the age of 8 years old with his sisters in talent shows back in the 60's. He sang throughout high school and college in show choirs, and in several larger a capella choruses over the past 30 years. He took up barber-shopping in 2001 when a good church friend invited him to just visit and listen to the barber-shoppers "ring a few chords". He was smitten, and has been enjoying the hobby for the past 11 years.

Bass-David Mouri
It was during college that David caught the 4 part harmony barbershop bug. His choir director formed a quartet to sing "Coney Island Baby" for a spring choir tour. David loved that sound and looked for a barbershop chapter to join after he graduated college. He found exactly what he was looking for and 32 years later he is still sing 4 part harmony. As a member in several quartets David has experienced finishing in the top 10 quartets in the Illinois District. He is married to Sharon and have two children. I am a high school special education teacher.

Baritone-Mark Klemm
I'm mark klemm, baritone, and I've been singing barbershop for about 25 years. I saw the music man when I was much younger and really liked the chords, so different from church music. I'm a machinist when im not singing, and sometimes while im singing. I am married to Roxanne, also a singer, for 35 years. We have two children and three grandchildren.

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